Tugboat and Directors Bay

Join us on our dive trip to the east side of the island. (Banda Riba) Our first dive will start on the well-known dive spot Tugboat. Like the name states there is a small shipwreck on the bottom that sits at approximately 5 meters/15 feet, so it’s also perfect for snorkeling. . The wreck has been sunk for around 20 years meaning plenty of coral and sponges have found a home and the boat teems with life. A little bit further out there is a beautiful wall, which you can dive along nicely. Because this dive spot is in a protected bay, there are almost no current or waves. In short, all the ingredients for a perfect dive.

Our second dive will be at the beach Directors Bay. This is the former private beach of the director of Shell; and later of the king and queen of Holland. What makes the dive site so special is not only the diverse marine life, or the beautiful surroundings, but the beautiful vertical wall. With all kinds of grooves and holes, you can find a plethora of creatures hiding away. This hotspot is seen as one of the nicest dive spots on the east side of the island.

Prices: USD 135 p.p. incl. Equipment
minimum: 2 persons
Lunch not included
Duration 9:30 to 17:00