PortoMari Sports

On the plantation of PortoMari you will find PortoMari Sports, a professional PADI 5 star dive center. The diving school is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Curacao. The white sandy beach with clear and calm water is a true paradise for divers and snorkelers. The unique double reef offers infinite snorkeling and diving opportunities, from novice to advanced water sports enthusiasts!
We are a dive center focused on personal attention, we keep our groups small from the introduction dive to the Divemaster training, and some specialty’s. Do you want to get acquainted with diving, refresh your skills or do you want to be a professional? It’s all possible at PortoMari Sports.
Feel free to take a look around this site for more information about the reef, beautiful pictures of the underwater life and an overview of all courses.

The double-reef

Playa PortoMari has a very impressive house reef, the so-called “double Reef” and is ideal for both novice and experienced divers.

The first reef is close to the beach and starts about 5 meters behind the raft.
On the map you can see the Reef (Brown) with the Sand Plains (yellow) with the different depths. In short, choice enough for every type of diver. The area is big enough to make several dives and to discover everything quietly.
On the reef we have a wide variety of underwater flora and fauna. And regularly we have the mote with the Spotted Eagle ray or a beautiful turtle.

For those looking for a little smaller there is also plenty to find and you might spot a seahorse or a frogfish.
Our corals are very diverse, look very healthy, from brain coral to beautiful sponges it remains a unique sight!
Due to the average water temperature of 28 degrees, excellent visibility and no to low current. You are assured of an enjoyable and relaxing dive!
We also offer guided dives and night dives.

Playa PortoMari is equipped with all the conveniences that make diving as enjoyable as possible. There are sinks, toilets and a shower facility. We also give you the possibility to build your diving equipment as comfortable as possible and to let it dry You can also go to the restaurant for a bite and a drink.

We would like to welcome you to this wonderful diving location.

Hello, i am Joeri. In 2015 i became a dive instructor. Since that time I am no longer out of the water store. The best thing I find when diving is hunting lionfish (coral devil). If you want to join this adventure book then you lionfish specialty and I teach you everything about hunting this fish.

Languages: Dutch, English, German.

Hey I’m Sander. I have been Divemaster for 2 years. I enjoy the island’s life, mostly underwater. Do you want to know why come along once and do a swim.

Languages Dutch, English.

Hello i am Geert. I’m a divemaster at PortoMari Sports. For this I was in the Netherlands and moved to Curacao in January. I will dive with you in the near future to get crazy experiences. I’m looking forward to becoming your buddy.

Hi, I’m Kasper, the newest member of the team. I’ve become a divemaster since 2018 and a year later I’ve also become a dive instructor. In a previous life I was a researcher and lecturer in language and culture studies and lived and worked between the Benelux and West Africa (back and forth). A few years ago it was time for change and I moved with my family to the Caribbean, attracted by the beautiful life here in:, all around and underwater. I enjoy teaching people to dive and as a former linguist I like to do so in many different languages.