Pure Nature

Dive with us, on our trip to the plantation of San Juan, where you are literally in the middle of nature, both above and below water. There are four beaches with no facilities on the San Juan plantation: Manzeliña, Shon Mosa, Boka Grandi and Playa Largu, transporting you far away from the civilized world. . Here in the bay, you have virtually no current and calm water meaning an easy walk into the water and swim from shore to the sloping reef. . This reef is good for the novice diver, but also for the advanced diver. Under water you will find all kinds of corals, plants, and other marine life. This pristine coral is perfect for finding juvenile fish and other small creatures. Your dives are on San Juan for the whole day, where we will dive two of the four beaches. An absolute must if you want to see another side of Curaçao.


Price: USD 135 p.p. incl. Equipment
minimum: 2 persons
Lunch not included
Duration 9:30 to 17:00