Night Dive

Diving in the dark is a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. In the dark you can see more than you might expect at first. For example, there is other marine life active in the night than during the day. Think of: lobsters, walls that swim freely around, octopuses, etc.
In total we make 2 dives, spread over 2 evenings. We teach you all about the marine life that operates in the evening, the use of equipment especially for night diving and the night dive procedure.

The night dive becomes even more spectacular and magical during the UV night dive
Some corals, fish and plants absorb the UV light, literally giving you a glow in the dark effect.

The course lasts 2 evenings, making a total of 2 dives and includes theory book and diving equipment.

What do you need:
Certification as (Junior)Open Water diver PADI or SSI (or of a similar other diving organization)
Minimum age of 12 years old
Physically in good condition




Course price

USD 215
ANG 375