Blue Lagoon

Join us on our snorkeling trip to the beautiful beach of Lagun. Arriving here, you’ll know why you came to a tropical island. Here you will find turquoise sea, white beaches and beautiful rock formations where you can snorkel along. Because the beach is in a bay and the coral is beautifully densely overgrown, it is rich in marine life that likes to nest between the rocks. A place where an eagle ray or a turtle likes to show itself.

Our second snorkeling spot is really the absolute high light called Boca Piscado which literally means: fishing bay and where it is full of turtles. Around noon the turtles come to the shallow to be fed there. We will then go and see the turtles that swim under you and get very close. This unique encounter is one to tick off on your bucket list.

After this snorkeling trip we will visit the Shete Boca Natural Park which means seven bays. Here you can see another side of Curaçao. Here the ferocious sea of the rugged north side strikes against the rocks, which flies into the air again meters high. It can’t be snorkeled here, but it does provide very nice pictures and there’s a cave that’s so seized from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Price: USD 60 p.p. Incl. Equipment
Minimum 4 persons
Lunch not included
Duration 9:30 to 16:00