Tugboat and directors bay

Join our snorkeling trip to the eastern part of the island. (Banda Riba). Our first snorkeling route will begin at the famous tugboat snorkeling site and as the name actually already indicates there is a shipwreck on the bottom. The wreck is about 5 meters/15 feet. So good to achieve. The wreck has been there for 20 years so it has been beautifully overgrown with all kinds of coral and sponges. Underwater it’s like an aquarium with all kinds of fish, such as Yellowtale snappers, Butterfly fish and parrot fish, in short a good start to the day.

We will make our second snorkeling route on the beach Directors Bay. This is the former private beach of shell’s director and later of the royal family of the Netherlands. What makes this snorkeling place so special is the diverse marine life and the beautiful surroundings. The coral is quite close to the water surface. Directors bay is also the place where coral is placed back which has just been soaked by the Coral restoration project on the island. So you end up in a beautiful garden full of young coral.

Price: USD 60 / ANG 105 p.p.
Incl. Equipment
Minimum 4 persons
Duration 9:30 to 16:00
Lunch not included