Superior Producer

Always wanted to dive on one of the most beautiful wrecks in the world? Then the Superior Producer is for you. The Superior producer was a 55-metre ship that sunk in 1977. The ship was on its way from Curacao to isla margarita. But once out of the port, the cargo began to slide through the rough sea and the ship made it. The special thing about this wreck is that the horizontal on the bottom is at a depth between 25 meters / 82 feet and the deepest point at 32 meters / 100 feet. Because the wreck has been on the bottom for about 41 years, it has been completely overgrown with all kinds of coral and sponges. The wreck is also liked to be visited by Tarpons. This fish could be 2.5 meters long. So if there’s a few of them swimming around that’s quite impressive. There should only be dived if no ships have been docked. So please contact us to ask about the possible days.

US $66 incl rental equipment.
US $51 Without rental equipment.
minimum: 2 persons
Duration: About 2 hours.