Pool/holiday course (Start at home!)


Can’t wait to start your diving course until your vacation starts? You don’t have to.

Do the theory at home at your leisure with e-learning and complete all confined water exercises in a swimming pool near you.

We have a cooperation with dive center S-Diving in Amstelveen (Netherlands). Ask them about the possibilities if you live near Amstelveen/Amsterdam. Or contact a diving center near you for a so-called “holiday course”: you will complete the exercises and the theory before your departure and finish the course with the four open water dives in warm and clear water with us at Porto Mari.

This way you save valuable time on your holiday and the anticipation can start right away. This is perhaps the most relaxed way to learn to dive.


What do you need?

  • Minimum age 10 years
  • Physically in good condition


EUR 699 (incl. 4 pool sessions and e-learning in the Netherlands or Belgium and the open water dives on 2 days with us);

or USD 325 / ANG 550 for only the part with us (2 days)


Time: 4 evenings (in the Netherlands or Belgium) and 2 days (in Curaçao)