PADI Rescue Diver

Do you need a new challenge to improve your dive experiences? Learn how to prevent problems under water and learn how to asses dangerous situations. You will learn how to solve problems in a save way if they appear. The rescues course is not only for diving but is also beneficial for your daily life.

The Rescue Diver Course consists of 2 different models.

The Theoretical model (EFR)
Practical Open Water dives

The theory is meant to get the necessary theoretical knowledge needed for the Rescue Diver + EFR course. You need to study yourself and there are questions to learn to control the theory. The theoretical part will be closed with an exam.

The practical part of this course will be used for new challenges in different scenario’s. You need to control this situations and you have to be able to perform them yourself. The skills you need for this challenges are at Porto Mari Sports always in Open Water.

During the Rescue Course you will learn:

Share self-reliance
Stress recognizing by other divers
Dealing with emergencies and emergency equipment
Save unconscious divers

                      Course prices
USD 400
ANG 700
USD 129
ANG 225