Double Reef & Fisherman’s Wharf


A favorite dive site for many divemasters and instructors on the island is Double Reef, near the city and the mega pier. The entrance to the dive site is located behind the Parke pa Lucha di Libertat (the freedom struggle park) with the statue of Tula. As the name implies, we have a double reef here (just like at Porto Mari). We swim a little bit, descend and swim over the sandy valley between the two reefs to the second reef. Here we have a good chance to spot resting or swimming turtles in their natural environment. If the current goes in the right direction, we make a drift dive and dive past a broken pier and a steep wall over beautiful shallow coral gardens towards our next dive site.

Behind the water factory is a small fishing village consisting of colourful wooden houses transformed into picturesque restaurants where you can eat delicious fish and seafood. You can also find a surprisingly stunning reef with have large pillar corals and lots of soft corals and the largest barrel sponges that Curaçao has to offer. The reef slopes down interrupted by a drop-off with many overhangs and openings in the wall where many fish and other marine animals hide, and then further slopes down into greater depths. Just like Double Reef, this is a place where barracudas and tarpons like to hang out. Due to the diversity of this dive spot and the idyllic surroundings, this is perhaps the most underestimated dive site on Curaçao.



USD 119 / ANG 205 excl. dive gear

USD 149 / ANG 250 incl. dive gear

(Lunch not included.)


Duration: half day (+/- 4 hours)