Fishermens Harbor and Car pile

Behind the water purification company on Curacao there is a small fishing village. Small wooden houses have been transformed into picturesque restaurants where you can eat delicious fish. What can also be found here is a beautiful reef full of soft corals, pillar corals, and the biggest barrel sponges that Curacao has to offer. It is a favorite spot for large fish such as barracudas and tarpons. Because of the diversity of this dive spot and the idyllic surroundings, it is the perfect start of a dive trip.

Our second dive will be at the site Car pile. Car pile gets its name because of the giant junkyard sunk at the bottom. Everything was placed here on purpose in order to become an artificial reef. This beautiful mess gives us the perfect dive spot. And also what beautiful pictures it delivers! It’s also a great spot to find big green moray eels who like to hide in the wrecks. After about a 15 min swim you find the beginning of Carpile which starts at 15 meters/45 feet. The deepest point is around 40 meters/130 feet, in short a dive site for divers of every level!

Price: USD 135 p.p incl. Equipment
minimum: 2 persons
Lunch not included
Duration 9:30 to 17:00