PADI Adaptive Support Diver

PADI Adaptive Techniques (for Pros)

Diving is an inclusive sport. No one is necessarily excluded from (learning to) dive.

Do you want to learn how best to help a dive buddy who has a physical or mental disability? The one-day Adaptive Support Diver course will make you more aware of the differences between divers in the extent to which they can handle certain things. And you will learn adaptation techniques that you can apply during your dive with a buddy with a disability.

For dive professionals (divemasters and instructors) there is the two-day Adaptive Techniques course. We will discuss special adapted techniques to be able to give tailor-made lessons to meet the individual needs of divers with disabilities.


What do you need?

— for Adaptive Support

  • Certification as an Open Water diver
  • recent EFR course
  • Minimum age 15 years
  • Good physical condition

— for Adaptive Techniques (Pro)

  • Certification as a Divemaster or higher
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Physically in good condition


Price: USD 180 / ANG 300


  • 2 dives in 1 day (Adaptive Support)
  • 4 dives in 2 days (Adaptive Techniques)

Because we consider this an important course and endorse the philosophy of diving as an inclusive sport, we offer the two-day course for dive professionals at the same price as the one-day course for amateurs.